There has been a considerable amount of time devoted to talking about 5 Dollar Cover here on ninebullets over the past few months. Mostly due to Lucero front man, Ben Nichols’ involvement in the project. Well, the show finally debuted Friday night and I’m still have no idea what it’s about. Or if I liked it.

This weeks episode introduces us to Amy LaVere, Muck Sticky (Memphis’s version of the Insane Clown Posse?) and Harlan T. Bobo. In between meeting these bands Amy’s character fumbled through some disjointed plot points to get us from her recording session to a Muck Sticky show and finally to a Harlan T. Bobo show.

Perhaps the show is riveting for Memphis locals who know some of the band back stories but for me, I found all of the action that wasn’t musical performances to be forced, clunky and, in a word, boring. Perhaps it will get better. I’ll wait it out till Lucero’s performance before I pass judgment but right now it’s giving me that “The Hills with southern accents and guitars” feel.

Amy Lavere – Killing Him
Muck Sticky – The Icky Muck

Harlan T. Bobo performing “Too Much Love”:

Lucero performing “Dangerous Thing”:


  1. ICP makes this guy look like a Joke…and thats a sad sad thing. Though I did laugh my ass off at the Great Milenko album they had. Amy LaVere was actually pretty good though no?

  2. the show is really bad. really bad. like way worse than the vh1 dating shows. please dont watch this we need to keep the ratings down so it gets shit canned. i hope the guys in lucero are as unhappy about this show as i am. ben might need an intervention.

    oh, and rosanna and i are moving back to st. pete next week. see you at steve’s bryan!!

  3. Really?? Well I didn’t follow up but the song on the show was pretty damn good..but ill just take your word for it. I just cant get over the damn muck sticky crap… I cant believe that there are people who listen to that garbage.. As a matter of fact I nominate it for the next “What not to buy” article..lol

  4. Well I didn’t follow up but the song on the show was pretty damn good..

    Then you may like her. I found that song to be pretty boring after the third or fourth listen.

  5. Haha Todd Beene just told me a story about the Glossary shirt! Since Ben wore it the first day of filming he had to wear it the rest of the time. Somewhere in there he wore it to a show and stashed it away somewhere since it stunk so bad. The producers made him pull it back out and put it back on all stinky and damp from the night before. Todd said he could hardly sit in the car with him!

    But yeah, props to Ben for promoting Glossary.

  6. I pretty much agree with your take on it, AIV…but I actually was amused by Muck Sticky. I will wait and see what the Lucero episode is like and then make a decision on pulling the plug…

  7. Yeah the “acting” is forced but I like the performances. I wish it was just actual filmed show footage instead of staged performances though. I’ll stick with it. I like that Killing Him song enough to pick up her record.

  8. It is exactly what i thought it would be, which is…meh. Levere looked tight in those panties at the start, so that’s something…Lucero may pick things up a tad, but it wont have me thinking ill of Lucero if they dont make things better…I’m seeing them for the first time ever, in Ft. Worth this weekend, and $5 cover will be pretty far from my thoughts I imagine.

  9. thank you for introducing me to Lucero, never heard of them before this site, some of the best stuff I’ve heard in awhile, up there w/my morning jacket or Alberta Cross.

  10. Fuck Memphis and FUCK $5 cover. Show the real Memphis, the shit whole city where everything revolves around race and there is pretty much nothing to do. If you live in Memphis and have never left then you are most likely a piece of shit that deserves to live there!

  11. Actually, Memphis is not centered around race. Those who believe so are centered around themselves. Also there’s alot to do in Memphis. The music scene in Memphis is quite vast. Most people just don’t know where to go and what to look for. But 5 dollar cover sucks. Okay Lucero is pretty big in Memphis that’s cool. Valerie she’s pretty talented. MTV got a tiny tiny glimpse. However, Muck Sticky is fun to listen to, but really? That is not music to be quite honest. That is pure shit. And the fact that he gets shows at music fest and stuff is bullshit. Let the real talent come up and 5 Dollar Cover really isn’t helping.

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