Okay, this is gonna be short and sweet…and it will be the last time I write about 5 Dollar Cover. Yes, I watched. Yes, Ben and Lucero finally had their moments and no, it wasn’t any better.

Talking about the show with a friend the other night at the bar, I think I had one of those moments of half-drunk clarity…

I don’t know whose idea it was, Brewer’s or MTV’s. Point is, it doesn’t matter what the original goal of the show was…webisodes, blog posts. Doesn’t matter. The point is, it’s a television show now and I am gonna critique it as such, and being a non-Memphis-ite I am not emotionally attached to the bars, bands (Lucero excluded) or sights of the show. If you wanted to feature Memphis music, then why not do it? Minus the bullshit storylines and fake romances. Personally, that shit is what’s killing the show for me. I don’t care about the old man having a heart attack, nor do I give a shit about two girls squabbling cause they found out they’re fucking the same drummer. If you wanna focus on that then do a “real” reality show. Otherwise, just give me the music.

Just give me the music. That brings me to $5 Cover Amplified. The shit on this site is what should be getting air time, not Ben Nichols making out with an actress. $5 Cover Amplified is more compelling and interesting the $5 Cover ever could be. There are no actresses, no fake romances, no love triangles….just the musicians…not musicians playing MTVified versions of themselves. I’ll still hit $5 Cover Amplified every week cause I am enjoying the hell out of it, but I am officially giving up on $5 Cover the TV show.

Lucero – A Dangerous Thing


  1. First off, let me say that I agree with you 100%, AIV.

    However, I will continue to watch the show for one simple reason – MTV at least TRIED to do something with music that is off the beaten path, so I will try to support it.

    I can’t imagine the same guy who created Hustle and Flow is the one who decided to do it this way – but maybe what he had to give up to actually get the show on the air is the same thing that makes it hard to watch.

    I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I watched MTV before $5 Cover, but it has been a while…a long while…and after this series, I doubt that I will watch it again anytime soon.

  2. Although I haven’t seen any of the episodes, judging by the number of “I JUST SAW YOU ON MTV!” texts I got after the Lucero episode began airing it seems be be drawing a decent number of normally non-Mtv viewers. Standing around waiting during the filming I got the feeling it was going to be a little too drama-rama for my tastes but it was fun anyway. Who’d turn down a free Lucero show at the Deli?!

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