5 bands I am most happy to have found:

Every year around this time I start to wonder what new bands and music I will stumble upon in the next year. I decided to list the 5 bands I was most happy to discover in 2006. And by most happy I mean they got the most playing time in the iPod and CD players in the Autopsy household.
Drag The River
I posted an apology to these guys earlier in the year for ignoring them because of their name. I finally got to see them live a few weeks ago and it was as good as I’d hoped they’d be.  Rockin’ barroom anthems with a blended form of alt.country/rock these fellas deserve your attention. Remember a few years ago when you were watching Lucero with 50-75 other people. Come see DTR while they are still your band cuz these fellas are gonna be playing bigger and bigger venues.

Drag the River – The Cause and the Cure
Backyard Tire Fire
I was pointed to Backyard Tire Fire via Aquarium Drunkyard. Mixing blues, country, rock, funk, and blue-collar song writing BYTF will remind you of everyone from The Drive-By Truckers to Whiskeytown to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Perfect for a lazy day in the porch swing with a cold beer and the dog, Bar Room Semantics has gotten a lot of playing time at my compound. They have a new CD entitled “Vagabonds and Hooligans” scheduled to be released on January 30, 2007.

Backyard Tire Fire – Trying to get Paid
Pitchfork hates them and that’s always a good sign. I have a bootleg live DVD of these fellas and I watch it monthly probably. Freaky Appalachian mountain music from Brooklyn….how can you go wrong? You can’t….that’s how. Hopefully 2007 will see these guys get signed.

O’Death – Only Daughter
William Elliot Whitmore
A 20 something tattooed white boy with the voice and soul of a black blues man of the ’30’s. His deep grizzled voice is usually only accompanied by a banjo or guitar with the occasional track having a drummer on it. His newest CD “Songs of the Blackbird” is a concept album telling the story of an early century plainsman in the midst of a drought waiting and hoping for the rains and questioning his faith in the process. Hopefully, sometime in 2007 Mr. Whitmore will find himself in Florida.
William Elliot Whitmore – One Man’s Shame
What? Okay, Wolfmother isn’t gonna cut some new path through the 70’s era rock and roll sound…..So. fucking. what. They’re fun. Seriously, isn’t that what music is supposed to be about. Having a good time. Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll. Damn it. This was my party record of 2006 @ 80 mph with the windows down and singing poorly but loudly….air guitar at the traffic lights and if you can’t get with that then I dunno what to say. Go back to your designer Martini bar and stare at yourself in the mirror.
Wolfmother – Apple Tree
And one more makes six:

The Diviners
These guys are a local band that I finally got around to seeing them open for Lucero at the very beginning of the year. I wanted to add them to this list because they reminded me that there is a large base of talent locally banging out songs in smoky bars every night and that I needed to get out and get familiar with them. 2007 will see ninebullets.net add a bi-monthly local music feature. So, check out The Diviners on myspace and on their official site .
And that’s all folks. Try and stay safe and avoid the DUI. I’ll be back on January 3rd.

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  1. thanks fer the suggestions… i had a NYE show listed for the band Backyard Tire Fire at my site and had no idea they were any good… just liked the name. happy hunting in yer neu yeah!

  2. Hi!! Thanks for listing these bands. I came here looking for info on O\\\’Death and now I not only have an O\\\’Death mp3 but names of other bands I will probably like!! This is pleasing.

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