4H Royalty is back with it’s sophomore release, Where UFOs Go To Die, and it’s so rock solid a six-year-old girl could break out a window with it.  Last year I wrote about their debut, Colossalalia, and mentioned how the songs popped into my head days after listening to them.  Well the same thing happens with Where UFOs Go To Die, the songs don’t seem catchy but they are.  Glossary songs are like that with me as well.

Where UFOs Go To Die is ten songs that run deep. There’s not a single off moment on the album.  With this offering 4H Royalty seems to have gotten more patient with their delivery and allow the songs to not rush themselves.  It’s a small shift but one that pays large dividends.  Good work 4H Royalty.

One of the great things that carries over from Colossalalia to Where UFOs Go To Die is the subject matter in the songs.  In “Accordion Bus” the narrator rides the bus daily next to a woman named Oora (I had to check with the band to get the name right) who says she’s a million year old Christian and an alien.  I haven’t heard every song ever written but I’ll go out on a limb and say no one else has written a song about that.  Also there’s a song about a guy having itchy blood for a girl.  I’m not familiar with the term itchy blood but after a Google search it could refer to symptoms of drug withdraw.  Over my head but poignant with a pinch.  If you’re thinking this might be too much same old alt.alt.country.post.rock.tonk then spend some time with the lyrics.  Even on the songs where the subject is one we’ve heard before (girls, teenage disillusionment, etc) 4H Royalty is coming at it with some odd angle or turn of phrase.

We usually pick three songs to share with you and I’m having a damn hard time picking the three.  I’ll take this as a sign that Where UFOs Go To Die is Essential Listening.  I think Oora would agree.

4H Royalty – Accordian Bus
4H Royalty – Itchy Blood
4H Royalty – Virtues, Spices, & Liquors

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  1. Living in Denver I have had the pleasure of seeing these guys lots of times.
    Awesome to see a really strong new release from them.

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