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When I say that 4H Royalty has released more of the same, I mean that as a compliment. They know who they are as a band and they keep on plugging away. Like that children’s story about the little engine that kept on with the keeping on. Liars & Outliers is filled with well-written and offbeat songs that juggle the line between rock and country.

I’ve written about their previous records but I don’t think I’ve mentioned the humor in their songs. It’s not “slap your knee” kind of funny but sitting on the porch or riding around with your buddy kind of funny. The opening number, “Your Team”, has the catchy Mellencamp-like chorus of “your team sucks and they’re never gonna win.” Who among you doesn’t have a friend you want to say that too from time to time.

After the instrumental “Gas Cap Rag” (come on, that’s funny) is “Road Beer” a song I’m certain could become rather popular with the drunk-passenger crowd. While writing this review I listened to these nine songs over and over closely and they’re all funny. It takes a careful listen, but Liars & Outliers is worth concentrating on.

2013 has become a year packed with incredible releases by big name artists (big name in our little world) but carve out some time to give 4H Royalty’s Liars & Outliers a good solid listen.

4H Royalty - Frank     

4H Royalty - Your Team     

4H Royalty - Your Team     

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  1. January 15, 2014    

    Great to see your reviews back up here! I’m looking forward to wrapping my ears around this one!

    • Phineas Phineas
      January 16, 2014    

      Same here! It’s very much appreciated Happy New Year Mr. Hale!

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