So, I’ve decided to do this facebook 30 Day Song Challenge (you can see previous days here)thing and I figured I’d do it here on ninebullets. Feel free to contribute your thoughts in the comments section. So, without further ado:


There are lots and lots and lots of songs that I know all the words to….when they’re playing. Songs I can just outright recite the words to on command. Not so many if any but I do have a good story when it comes to knowing all the words to a song.

When I was a kid (thinking 8-10 range) I decided than I needed to know all the words to a song. At first, I tried to learn all the words to Hall & Oates “Private Eyes” but it was proving difficult since I didn’t own it so I set my eyes on a cong from the one album I owned at the time, Kenny Rogers, The Gambler. So I got out my little Emerson record player and went to learning.

It took about 3 days but I was eventually able to recite every a cappella and I was quite proud of myself.

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

How about you? What’s the first song you learned all the words to?

14 thoughts on “30 DAY SONG CHALLENGE: DAY 8:”

  1. Eagles “Hotel California”. Growing up I heard that song so many times it was almost impossible not to know the words to it.

  2. When I was in high school, I used to write all the words to “Like A Rolling Stone” and “Tangled Up In Blue” in my notebooks….doubt I could do it anymore though

  3. lol. I had all the words to Cinderella’s “Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone” on a folder once.

    I was so emo.

  4. “Pencil Thin Mustache” from Jimmy Buffett is the first song I really remember singing all the words to as a kid, although my Dad likes to say Erin and I sang “a pimple and a mustache.” I deny this.

  5. Bobby Brown by Frank Zappa.

    I used to sing that song to myself (quietly) when I was taking the dog for a walk.

  6. Lot’s of them. But Lucero’s “The War” comes to mind. And, of course, “Detroit Rock City”.

  7. My Dad is a big Johnny Cash fan. I remember learning the words to Folsom Prison Blues by listening to it over and over on a long road trip to Fresno in the back of an old red 1968 Ford Fairlane station wagon. I was probably 10 – 12 years old. I loved the way the song sounded like a train (kinda).

  8. I have a brother who is 8 yrs older than me. He was in a hair band in the 80’s. I can totally remember in 86 or so listening to his band practice in our garage. They were playing “talk dirty to me” by Poison. Mind you Im 9 years old running around the house singing along with the band. I knew every word, had my “moves” down and I would NOT leave them alone. I think finally they gave me the mic and let me sing so I would just leave and not tell mom they were smoking cigarettes.

  9. the first song I Remember knowing all the words to was “Ballroom Blitz”. My brother owned it on eight track and it was the only 8 track he had that I would listen to.

  10. As a kid I remeber singing evey word to “coward of the county” by Kenny Rogers I thought it was so cool how he stopped and locked the door then took em all out..

  11. “Pick Up the Pieces” by Average White Band.

    No, seriously. If I had to guess, I would say it was “Miss You” by the Rolling Stones.

  12. This wasn’t the first song by any stretch, but I remember making it a priority to learn the words to Neil Young’s “Thrasher”. I love the song, the poetry, I enjoy attempting to harmonize with Neil. I HAD to make sure I kept up with the lyrics and didn’t get behind.

  13. I’m going to guess it was probably Desperado. My Dad played that constantly on roadtrips

  14. In high school I was a lemonheads fan…I hadn’t listened to them in more years than I care to admit but recently heard “Hate Your Friends” again – I still remembered all the lyrics

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