So, I’ve decided to do this facebook 30 Day Song Challenge (you can see previous days here) thing and I figured I’d do it here on ninebullets. Feel free to contribute your thoughts in the comments section.


I honestly could not tell you the last time I turned on the radio to listen to music. I do, however, listen to a whole friggin lot of sports talk radio and this song is played frequently as bumper music and in intros on a lot of sports talk shows:

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic – Atomic Dog

In the era of iPods and smartphones streaming Pandora do you still listen to the radio for music?

9 thoughts on “30 DAY SONG CHALLENGE: DAY 17:”

  1. I do not listen to much music on the radio, but in passing I always here something from Taylor Swift. Cant stand her music and it is not close to be any kind of country music, but she is always on my daughters radio.

    1. You can’t miss Taylor because she’s, literally, played on every single radio format out there.

  2. I too haven’t heard music on the radio in years cept for NineBullets Radio of course!

    Otherwise music on the radio around me is the same distinguishable BS…like the musicains go to the music-for-the-radio template section of walmart. Or Led Zepplin.

  3. I have not listened to radio in several years but when I was in high school I swear we heard UB40 “Red Red Wine” on the bus every day on the way home from school for 3 months straight at one point.

  4. I don’t listen to radio anymore, but when I am out and about and someone else is programming the playlist, be it the jukebox, the dj or the bartender’s ipod, Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You” is *always* on it. Not that I mind terribly, I still like the song.

  5. I never listen to the radio anymore but ended up in a rental car without my mini stereo cable so the radio it was. Almost immediately I heard a Katy Perry song.

  6. I don’t listen to much radio, but when I do listen to classic radio, it seems that Head East’s “Never Been Any Reason” gets played. Not bad for a song that peaked at #68.

  7. I don’t listen to much radio anymore, but considering the few stations that come in clear up here are hip hop and classic rock, If i dont have the Ipod or any flash drives, I go with classic rock, which means I hear my fair share of don Henley.

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