So, I’ve decided to do this facebook 30 Day Song Challenge (you can see previous days here)thing and I figured I’d do it here on ninebullets. Feel free to contribute your thoughts in the comments section. So, without further ado:


I had to do a few minutes of soul searching on this one. Lucero or Two Cow Garage, Lucero or Two Cow Garage, Lucero or Two Cow Garage….In the end, while Two Cow is in the running, Lucero still has the title of “My Favorite Band”.

Lucero – I’ll Just Fall

So, who’s your favorite band?

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  1. My favorite band is the same as yours…only I’m not so wishy-washy about it.


  2. Ewwww. Back in the day DBT would have been automatic. These days not so much… Ive got to give the very very slim nod to Lucero over Glossary. Though I do like Glossarys last album much better than the last Lucero offering. Lucero has the back catalog to still beat out most all takers.

  3. My favorite would be Hot Water Music but since their not touring Its LUCERO! My song pick would have to be Nights Like These.

  4. I gotta go with Lucero, they may not always be in full rotation as of late, but thats only becuase so may people are putting out amazing music right now. But the fact I have come to love so many other bands because of Lucero, they will always be my #1. It’s hard to pick a favorite song, So many to choose from and so many that stike a different nerve. Im going with ” Raisin Hell”.

  5. Wow, lotta Lucero love here. I’ve tried over and over to connect with Lucero – they look cool, dude’s got a great voice, instrumentation is fine and alt-country-ish (whatever that is) and I find the song’s pretty good while I’m listening to them, but damned if I can ever remember any of them after they’re over. I’m sure it’s me, not them. So, my band? Still the Truckers. In my eyes, they’ve never faltered. (never exactly soared after Dirty South, but still…). And I know I’m one of, like, 7 or 8 people on the planet who thought “Blessing and a Curse” was a real solid album of songs, one that will be favorably reassessed down the road. Best song? Lots, but I always enjoyed singing along with “Heathens”. Second place: Alejandro Escovedo. Third place: unknown local legends – Bodeco. Straying off 9B’s aesthetic: Beatles and Stones tied for all time.

    1. Bodeco is far from unknown 😀

      Some of the only nonhardcore shows I remember in the 90’s

  6. lucero – (Chain Link Fence) wins out for me too… and what a battle it is, now i have a headache (first the struggle for fave band and THEN pick a highlight song, sheesh!) — have to let shyane know that I think the number is a bit higher regarding those who see Blessing and a Curse as a solid album, but that group just isn’t as vocal in appreciating Blessing and a Curse as an individual release – i have yet to be dissapointed by a DBT release (sure there are a few i spin a bit more regularly, but so it goes with any artist catalog).

  7. I respect almost everything that is written on this blog except the undying love of Lucero. I just don’t get it. When people ask me what kind of music I’m into I generally say “You ever hear of Lucero? That’s the generic version of the music I listen to”. Maybe I’m jaded. I’ve really tried to like them. I mean, damn, I live in Little Rock and run into Ben more than I would like to admit.

    I would say as far as my favorite band it would be glossary studio, and Two Cow Garage live. I’ve told Micah before he is the songwriter Ben wishes he could be. Way more depth in his songs than what Ben writes.

  8. “Where the Devil Don’t Stay” by Drive By Truckers, but if solo artists count, it’s “Not Dark Yet” by Bob Dylan.

  9. My favorite band is Lucero and it’s not even really a hard choice, but picking my favorite song is tough. It changes so often depending on my mood and where I am in my life. But the first album I ever heard from Lucero was “Nodody’s Darlings” and it was given to me by a friend during a tough time in my life and I didn’t listen to it for months, but when I did finally I was picturing Ben Nichols as a country Kurt Cobain for some reason and the first song that grabbed my attention was California….then Hold Me Close almost made me cry because I was drunk. Lately I’ve been digging Sad and Lonely….at times All Sewn Up, Drink ‘Till We’re Gone, and Tonight Ain’t Gonna Be Good have been my favorites.

    I keep going back to Nobody’s Darlings though……that song I could listen too a billion times and never get tired of it. I listened to Lucero so much after I discovered them that after a few years I needed a break…..I still went to all the shows, but I didn’t listen to their albums 24/7 like before, but Nobody’s Darlings is a song I’ll never tire of. I think All Sewn Up is a very close second though.

    Sad and Lonely I’ve been really digging lately though for some reason………Plus the line from Ain’t So Lonely

    “We drive down to the corner drugstore and I ain’t so lonely
    Coca-cola and pills take a few more and I ain’t so lonely ”

    Never will get old either b/c that was my life for a few years.

  10. I would say Nobody’s Darlings is without a doubt their best album though. IMO.

    What do you guys think?

    I love them all, but to me it’s by far their best. Perhaps because it was my first I’m not sure, but even Ben likes “The War” best out of all his songs…..that has gotta mean something.

  11. I gotta say Lucero, DBT, TwoCow, and a few others all flucuate as my favorite depending on my mood…at the moment (maybe because of the new album) Mr. Isbell is the current winner and I’ll go way back:

    Chicago Promenade

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