Because Songs Matter


So, I’ve decided to do this facebook 30 Day Song Challenge (you can see previous days here)thing and I figured I’d do it here on ninebullets. Feel free to contribute your thoughts in the comments section. So, without further ado:


There are two ways to take today’s topic…are they asking for a song that bores you to sleep or a song that comforts and calms you to sleep? Since I have no idea who made the original list I am using for these posts I’ll go with the latter…

To be honest, I have not played music when I was going to sleep in years. Having two bulldogs who snore like it’s an Olympic sport necessitates using a white noise machine when we sleep but there was a time before bulldogs when I could sleep with music and in that long past era I had a Sarah McLachlan (don’t laugh) mix that I would play every night when I was going to bed.

Sarah McLachlan - Building A Mystery     

So. What’s your bedtime musical choice?


  1. stucky stucky
    April 19, 2011    

    8 Ball, by Underworld

  2. troutwithout troutwithout
    April 19, 2011    

    Since I dont listen to music at bedtime, I’ll go with my 6 year old son’s selection – James Taylor – Greatest Hits

  3. Dave Dave
    April 19, 2011    

    I just throw Townes on shuffle.

  4. Nick Nick
    April 20, 2011    

    I never listen to music to sleep cause it’d just keep me up. Any techno because it just bores me.

  5. lisa lisa
    April 20, 2011    

    I fall asleep to the sound of my dog and my husband sawing logs, if I were to listen to music it would 100% without a doubt be anything by Josh Small. His voice soothes me like nothing else can.

  6. C C
    April 22, 2011    

    “As Slow As Possible” by John Cage (performed at the St. Burchardi Church in Halberstadt, Germany)

  7. CockEyedDonkey CockEyedDonkey
    April 27, 2011    

    Tom Waits – anything…out before the song ends.

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