Podcast – Ajax Diner Book Club 12/29/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

Tonight’s show was a “BEST OF 2014” show and I featured songs from some of my favorite records released in 2014. I’d like to share the whole 2 hours with you so I’ll add Part 2 to this post on Thursday morning.

Part II begins with the Otis Gibbs song


Maggie Bjorklund “Bottom Of The Well” from Shaken

Adam Faucett “Melanie” from Blind Water Finds Blind Water

Caleb Caudle “Trade All The Lights” from Paint Another Layer On My Heart

Drive-by Truckers “Hearing Jimmy Loud” from English Oceans

Billy Joe Shaver “The Git Go” from Long In the Tooth

Kierston White “Big Star” from Don’t Write Love Songs

Curtis Harding “Keep On Shining” from Soul Power

Old 97’s “Let’s Get Drunk And Get It On” from Most Messed Up

Matt Woods “With Love From Brushy Mountain” from With Love From Brushy Mountain

Grover Wells & Group “Rosie” from Parchman Farms

Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound “This Damn Town” from Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound

Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound “Time In Bars” from Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound

Benjamin Booker “Wicked Waters” from Benjamin Booker

John R. Miller “Lost Your Mind” from Service Engine

Hurray for the Riff Raff “The Body Electric” from Small Town Heroes

Lucero “The Last Song” from Live From Atlanta

Otis Gibbs “No Rust On My Spade” from Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth

Glossary “These City Lights Shine” from How We Handle Our Midnights

D’Angelo “Sugah Daddy” from Black Messiah

Charlie Parr “Barnswallow At Twilight” from Hollindale

McDougall “Restless Friend” from McDougall

Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires “The Company Men” from Dereconstructed

Jenny Lewis “Just One Of The Guys” from Voyager

Bonnie “Prince” Billy “Old Match” from Singer’s Grave a Sea of Tongues

Cory Branan “Missing You Fierce” from No Hit Wonder

Joseph Huber “Same River Twice” from Hanging Road

Nikki Lane “Sleep With A Stranger” from All or Nothin’

Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires “Born In The USA” from Dead Man’s Town

Charles Hale's Favorite of 2014





























Peter-Buck (1)













Another excellent year for music, friends. Here’s a list of my favorites from 2014 and I hope you find something that you missed earlier. If you’d like to hear songs from these records and more from 2014 tune in to my radio show tonight (Monday) and I’ll play you the goods. The show starts at 10pm Eastern Standard Time and you can stream it at www.KRFCFM.org.


Adam Faucett, Blind Water Finds Blind Water – There’s nothing else that sounds like this one.

John R. Miller, Service Engine – Bare arrangements & stellar songwriting, reminds me of Killers & Stars.

Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound, Self Titled – My favorite record of the year. Sad and beautiful.

Benjamin Booker, Self Titled – Worth the hype, I can’t wait to hear what the next record is all about.

Charlie Parr, Hollendale – A wild instrumental record that has grown on me.

Curtis Harding, Soul Power – A soul album that sounds at home in 1974. Listen.

Drive-By Truckers, Modern English Oceans – A dense rock record.

Kierston White, Don’t Write Love Songs – A great debut with excellent songwriting and stellar singing.

Bobby Charles, Self Titled – A vinyl reissue that’s swampy soulful with members of The Band.

Glossary, How We Handle Our Midnights – A vinyl reissue of the Glossary album that started them on an amazing run.

Lucero, Live In Atlanta – A gigantic Lucero experience. I hope you picked up the 4 LP set.

Maggie Bjorklund, Shaken – A seductive record that’s grown on me in the last few months.

Matt Woods, With Love From Brushy Mountain – Matt’s best work yet and totally fulfilling on the promise of Deadman’s Blues.

McDougall, Self Titled – This dude’s music is first rate.

The Old 97’s, Most Messed Up – The most fun record of the year and their best in a good while.

Otis Gibbs, Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth – 10 new songs by a modern-day troubadour.

Peter Buck, I Am Back To Blow Your Mind Once Again – Greasy garage rock from a rock’n’roll heavyweight.

Various Artists, Parchman Farms – Field recordings from the notorious Mississippi prison. Must listen.

PODCAST – Ajax Diner Book Club 12/21/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

Reverend J.M. Gates “Death May Be Your Santa Claus” from Death May Be Your Santa Claus

Bo Carter “Santa Claus” from Death May Be Your Santa Claus

Sonny Boy Williamson I “Christmas Morning Blues” from Death May Be Your Santa Claus

The New Basement Tapes “Down On The Bottom” from Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes

Centro-Matic “To Unleash The Horses Now” from Distance & Clime

Centro-Matic “Silver Plate Complaints” from Love You Just The Same

Centro-Matic “Patience For The Ride” from Fort Recovery

Otis Redding “Merry Christmas, Baby” from Christmas in Soulsville

REM “Oddfellows Local 151” from Document

REM “Toys In The Attic” from Life’s Rich Pageant

REM “Daysleeper” from In Time

Ike and Tina Turner “Funkier Than A Mosquita’s Tweeter” from Workin’ Together

Steve Earle “You’re The Best Lover I’ve Ever Had” from Terraplane Blues

Steve Earle “Christmas In Washington” from El Corazon

Merry Christmas From 9 Bullets To You

Well here’s the Christmas mixtape for 2014. I didn’t go for an over-arching theme this year, well except Christmas, but you know what I mean. There are some traditional tracks, some tracks I think should get more attention, and some you’ve probably never heard. While not entirely upbeat, it’s not music by which to hang yourself from the tree either. Everything we do here is for you folks reading the site and the bands we love. We’re coming back strong in January and I personally have high hopes for next year. I really hope that each and every one of you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. – Romeo Sid Vicious

Merry Christmas (Circa 2009)

Apparently I’ve only done two of these, this one from 2009, and it has a bit of MPD in spots. These are fun to make, I’m not sure why I haven’t made others. Of course now I’ve screwed myself because I can’t use any of the tracks off of these two to make one for this year. But I did think them lost only to discover them again so I’m sharing them. Remember, we’ve got more top lists coming up as it’s the end of the year, and a brand-spanking-new Christmas tape coming up.


Dear sweet readers: Thank you for all of your awesomeness this year. And thank you for sticking with us through this doldrum. We’ll be back in fighting shape soon.

Dear sketchy colleagues: Thanks for writing so well and making me double-down on writing well. Thanks for the Ninebullets party. Let’s all secure the employment and living arrangements we dream of and get back to saving the world.

Dear wonderful bands and labels: Wooooooo!

Remember what Lou Reed says, WHAT COMES IS BETTER THAN WHAT CAME BEFORE. Here’s my favorites that came around this year. Join me in looking forward to the unimaginably impressive future that is 2015.

Albums, Best of the Best:

  • jenny lewisHuber-400x400brodskyeatfeelingscayetanaprotomartyrhardgirlsdelaycirclechangeBenji  Cory_Branan_-_coverposseealvvays









Albums, Rest of the Best:


EP’s, 7″s, Demos:



archival turn

Reasons to Stay Alive Next Year:

Full lengths from Jeff Rosenstock, Shinobu, Carl Barat from the Libertines, Meredith Graves from Perfect Pussy, Courtney Marie Andrews. Albums from Waller and my hero Samantha Jones’ (Bitchin, Crustaceans, Rumbleseat, Cassette) new band Guts came out at the end of this year, but I haven’t gotten them yet. I bet that Guts album alone will be worth the whole year.


Two Cow Hangout

This year’s celebration of Last Chance Records head honcho Travis Hill’s birthday, like every year, was also a celebration of life in general. The pins given out in the VIP package summed up the 2014 that so many of us had: ‘Hard Work And Plenty Of It’. I’m sure by now most of you who read this site have been inundated with Holiday Hangout 2014 tweets, photographs, or drunken text messages, and now that the event is over may be breathing a sigh of relief. But not so fast; I still have a few things to say.

The Holiday Hangout is much more than a simple concert, or mere festival: it’s a rock and roll family reunion. This year four 9bullets writers (Charles, RSV, Scott, and myself) gathered with dozens of our closest friends and sang our hearts out to our favorite bands. Those are the things you may have picked of from the never-ending Instagram updates from Little Rock that got less frequent and blurrier as the night, and weekend, went on. I want to tell you about a few things you may not have been able to perceive from over the internet. There may be some friends I made or artists who played that I don’t mention, and for that I apologize. I think every Holiday Hangout might require a novella (and spare liver) to cover adequately, but I have the time and space I have. What follows are the key moments, observations, and musings from my White Water Tavern nights this December:

  • Austin Lucas – Just as this year has been hard for some of us, it sounds like it’s been a hard year for the smooth-voiced Lucas as well. For his set (backed by his band The Bold Party), Austin pulled out all the stops to deliver a powerful rock and roll performance. He also played songs from his new record, which I’m already unbelievably excited for. Those songs have a distinctly more country feel than Stay Reckless, but their true defining quality is the incredible songwriting. Austin has always been a storyteller, but what was on display here was an attitude and clear-eyed determination pouring through his lyrics that I haven’t seen from him before. He also joined in with Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires for their barn-burner “Dirt Track”, and watching the passion with which he sang “Keep on working, keep it on the dirt track” was inspiring. Now is the time to pay attention to Austin Lucas.
  • John Moreland – Yes, yes, you know. John was amazing, and his new songs hit you in all the places you thought In The Throes had already thoroughly covered. It’s like Robin Hood hitting the bullseye with another arrow. The general consensus is that John’s mainsteam success is a matter of when, not if, and I for one am glad of it. John Moreland’s music comes straight, no chaser, and the rest of the world could use plenty of it.
  • Magic Mike – Some of you may be wondering who the magician hanging out with bands all the time is, and why he’s there. Go see his show and you’ll see. Mike loves these bands as much as any of us (he got Red Collar their first gig at the White Water years ago), and he knows how to show a crowd a good time. He also threw a knife at me. It was a good weekend.
  • Jkutchma and Red Collar – I was ill-prepared for seeing Red Collar. Last year JKutchma had to play two solo sets, an ice storm preventing the rest of the band from making the Hangout. I’d listened to Red Collar’s albums and liked their music, but wasn’t a new convert. This performance may have changed that. Red Collar is a powerful band, full of explosive energy and straight-to-the-point lyrics. Their fans, unconditionally devoted, were unbelievably excited to see the band and it showed in the messy, sweaty, almost conversational relationship between those on the stage and those in front of it. I spent the entirety of their set wanting to get to know the band’s music better so that I could take part in that relationship. JKutchma also played solo, and I can tell you this about his new songs: you want to hear them.
  • Two Cow Garage – This is the band that will not quit. Micah Schnabel and Shane Sweeney keep turning out new songs that are as catchy as they are visceral, lyrically potent, emotionally charged. When you see them on stage you cannot doubt that they mean every word they say. The musicianship and energy of their drummer, David Murphy, have propelled them to a new sonic plane (which I think is a D&D thing, actually). You would hardly recognize some of their older songs the way they play them now, and all the change is for the better. Micah and Shane both played new songs during their solo sets, and demonstrated the range of their songwriting. Two Cow Garage is not a peanut butter/chocolate situation, folks: these are two men who have been writing songs for years, managing to grow both on their own and together as a band. It’s a wonder to behold. And speaking of peanut butter, for their full band set they were joined on guitar by 9bullets reader favorite Todd Farrell, and speaking of Todd Farrell…
  • Todd FarrellIt’s hard when your friends make music. First off, what if it isn’t good? Second off, what if you think it’s good but that’s just because you’re friends and the rest of the world hates it and your friend has to become an insurance salesman? Well after the Holiday Hangout I can safely say neither of those cases are true for our friend Todd Farrell. In addition to playing guitar for Two Cow, Todd also played solo at the Arkansas Record Exchange In-Store show (trading his guitar off with Austin Lucas), and one song on Sunday at the demand of Micah Schnabel. The response that Todd received, not just from the crowd but from his fellow musicians, was incredibly heartening. You could see the bonds forming, the songwriters nodding to each other over a clever turn of phrase, laughter and applause mid-song from a crowd on the edges of their proverbial seats because they were seeing something new. The first night of the Hangout, Todd was walking up the stairs at the White Water as Otis Gibbs, grey-bearded bastion of folk, was walking down them. They stopped at the landing and spoke with each other for a few minutes, I have no idea about what. But then they shook hands and they headed their separate ways. That moment felt important to witness.

So there you have it, my take on this year’s Holiday Hangout. Thanks to everyone at the White Water who made it happen, everyone who played, everyone who went and sang and shouted and danced and swore and shook. All we have to do to get to the next one is make it through another year.

Here’s a video of Micah Schnabel, Brent Best, David Murphy, Todd Farrell, Joey Kneiser, Ben Nichols, John Moreland, Travis Hill, and Shane Sweeney playing “Like A Rolling Stone”. If you have to skip past the first three minutes of laughter and terrible jokes because Shane forgot to plug his guitar in, that’s what you have to do. But I don’t recommend it.

If you like the picture above be sure to check out Melissa Brawner Photography, who took some AMAZING photographs that you may just want to buy a print of, as did Carra Martin!

Did you have any favorite moments this Holiday Hangout, or questions about the shows? Leave a comment and let’s talk! Or hit us up on Twitter, @Real9Bullets!

Ajax Diner Book Club 12/1/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

Charlie Parr “Barnswallow At Twilight” from Hollindale

Bama “Levee Camp Hollers” from Parchman Farms

22 And Group “The Prettiest Train I Ever Saw” from Parchman Farms

Whiskey Shivers “Graves” from Whiskey Shivers

Patti Smith “Birdland” from Horses

REM “Drive” from Automatic for the People

Peter Buck “Southerner” from I Am Back To Blow Your Mind Once Again

Neutral Milk Hotel “Everything Is” from Everything Is

Centro-Matic “Talk You Down” from Candidate Waltz

Doc Feldman & the LD50 “Battle Hymn” from Sundowning At the Station

Whitey Morgan And The 78’s “Crazy” from Born, Raised & Live From Flint

Tim Barry “Clay Pigeons” from Lost & Rootless

Tami Neilson “Whiskey And Kisses” from Dynamite

Charley The City Mouse Fasano “Gasoline Fumes” from Retrospect/ed

The Box Tops “The Door You Closed To Me” from Ultimate

District Attorneys “Madison Row” from Slowburner

Rick Danko “Java Blues” from Rick Danko

Ike and Tina Turner “Ooh Poo Pah Doo” from Workin’ Together

Charles Mingus “Pithecanthropus Erectus” from Pithecanthropus Erectus


All of us at Nine Bullets are thankful that you come to this site and read about music we love. We are thankful that you comment and discuss the music with us. We are thankful that you helped us fund this little website earlier this year. Most of all, we are thankful for the bands that write and record music that make all our lives’ better.

We’ll be back posting on a regular basis any day now but first, some of us have to attend the The White Water Tavern Holiday Hangout. I’ll be there as will Gabriel, Romeo SidVicious and I think Scott Fuchs is going to make it. Who else will be there? Let’s get a roll call in the comments so we can be on the lookout for one another.