140 Character Reviews is an occasional reoccurring post where we take a highly anticipated album and record our impressions of it track-by-track as we hear it for the first time. We withhold the right to change our minds a few listens later.

Was Ugly Kid Joe ever anything more than a novelty one hit wonder band? A less talented and less humorous Green Jelly? And what kind of world is it that we’re living in when these guys are releasing new music in 2012?

Needless to say, I am not expecting to like this album. I think it also goes without saying that this is not a “highly anticipated album.” My exact tweet when I saw it this morning was; “Ugly Kid Joe – Stairway to Hell (2012) <----- WTF?" and I immediately decided to give it a single pass and tweet my thoughts...Here, is that exchange: 140 Character Review time: Ugly Kid Joe – Stairway to Hell (2012) ....and to think I am pausing First Aid Kit for this.... Devils Paradise: cock rock straight out of 1990 and it brought every lame cliche’ with it.

You Make Me Sick: Expecting “Everything About You” Part II & I got it. Like most sequels this one is not nearly as good. No hit here…

No One Survives: Standard acoustic opening, rocking chorus, acoustic verse wash rinse repeat formula. Lame lyrics.

I’m Alright: Catchiest song so far but like the rest of the album so far it sounds completely dated.

Love Ain’t True!: to quote Mr. Slave, “Jesus Christ.” This is fucking horrible.

Another Beer: acoustic, “countryish” sound. Terrible lyrics. No. Need a stronger word. Wretched. Wretched lyrics.

The best thing I can say about this album is that it’s short. It not only met my expectations of terrible, it exceeded them at times. I can not recommend this album under any circumstance. Don’t buy it, don’t download it and don’t stream it as you may encourage them to make more.


  1. Why the hell do you review a band you dont like? This is an awesome album. Met my expectations fully. You should consider that UKJ has always done the slightly cliche lyrics. Smell of self irony, which is what i love so much about this band.

  2. This is an awesome EP! Can’t say I expected much, even though I loved the band in the 90’s. I am almost inclined to say this release is better than a lot of their early material.

    Silly lyrics and rock n roll cliche is what this band have always been about and that is exactly why many of their fans love them. They have never been a serious bunch.

    I, for one, am delighted to see them back!

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