129 – Daniel Crosier; The Film Director & Artist of Isolation Man talks about creativity, doing it yourself and making a no-budget mockumentary

Daniel Crosier is a man of many... MASKS! He's a founder of Dink, Denver's Independent Comics and Arts Expo, an artist, performer and now the film director of Isolation Man!

Daniel Crosier is a man of many… MASKS! He’s a founder of Dink, Denver’s Independent Comics and Arts Expo, an artist, performer and now the film director of Isolation Man!

Daniel Crosier; Comic artist, sculptor & director of the mockumentary, Isolation Man; is this week’s special guest on Mostly Harmless Podcast!

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I’ve met a kindred spirit in Daniel Crosier. He’s a modern day renaissance man, crafting not only comics, sculptures or helping run DINK, Denver’s Independent Arts and Comix expo. Crosier is also the filmmaker behind the No-Budget film, Isolation Man; which premiers this Wednesday at the Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton.

We chat with Daniel about the Isolation Man film, it’s upcoming premiere, but we also chat with Daniel about where all his various hats come from and how a near death experience taught him to chase his dreams. We talk about art, creativity, doing things yourself and how YOU, yes YOU! Can make your own no-budget film.

For more information on Isolation Man & it’s August 17th premier, please visit: http://www.isolationmanmovie.com!

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