Founded in September of 2006 by Bryan Childs under the moniker “Autopsy IV” and handed over to Mark Potter as “Romeo Sid Vicious” in January 2014, 9 Bullets is simply a website about music and the people that make it or support those making it. We don’t aspire to anything else and I, Romeo Sid Vicious, hope we never do. All of the writers here do what they do out of love and passion and not a single one of us makes a dime off of this place. To us this about getting the music we love to the ears of the most people possible and as such there isn’t a need to write scathing reviews. Other sites have the snark and nastiness covered well enough that there’s no reason for us to add to that. Simply put, we don’t have time to listen to bad music so why should we waste time trying to write about it?

What does this mean to you, our faithful readers? It means that you can be assured that each article we write has been considered and thought through before being written. We may not always be up to the minute on new music we also don’t write reviews based on a couple of tracks from a promo email. We’d rather be a month behind other sites and be writing about something the makes us feel passionate than spew out words aren’t up to par. We are connected to a lot of the bands we write about on a personal level and call some of the artists friends and as such there may be a time where we do offer criticism but when and if that happens it will be out of our love for the artist and not spite.

That said, the original tagline of our little site was “Booze. Music. Tacos.” While we take what we do seriously, you always risk running across a taco recipe or booze review when you drop by. And we take going to shows and partying with friends as seriously as we take our music. We don’t take ourselves so seriously that we can’t go have a good time with the bands we love and our friends and 9 Bullets reflects that just as it reflects our excellent taste in music. So please, think of us opiners on music, curators even, but don’t take us any more seriously than we take ourselves.

9 Bullets Staff

Patrick Hayes (administrator/writer)
RomeoSidVicious (editor/writer)
Autopsy IV (founder/writer)
Mike Ostrov (writer)
Paul Grant (writer)
Mike McTigue (writer)
Samuel Barker (writer)
Nick Leichty (writer)

Former 9 Bullets Staff

Charles Hale (editor/writer)
Michelle Evans (writer)
Marci Richter (writer)
Trevor Bramble (tech guru/writer)
Rune Letrud (writer)
Hoss (writer)
John Allman (writer)
Scott Fuchs (writer)

The background image is used with permission and was taken by Melissa Brawner of Melissa Brawner Photography. It was taken at Holiday Hangout 2014. If you are looking for a photographer and live within range of her services I highly recommend her, she’s a supported of our scene and an amazing photographer to boot!

Our servers are hosted with Linode.com which allows up to host this site for a reasonable cost. If you need a server and want to support 9B then click the link, it has our referral code in it. If you use Linode for 90 days it gives us a 25.00 USD credit which is one month of hosting with backups. As always, if you do support us in any manner we greatly appreciate it.

The music made available on this site is only available for 30 days after which it is deleted from the server. Please do not contact us asking us to repost songs. we are a music site, not an .mp3 depot. If you are a label or an artist who wishes to have their files removed from the site contact us and they will be removed immediately. If you are a label or artist wishing to have your music reviewed on this site please submit a download link to: staff@ninebullets.net

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  1. Hey guys,

    just wanted to say thank you for your blog, and thanks for being the first in the world to listen to my new album. If I can be of any assistance with interviews or copies of the album, please don’t hesitate to let me know. have a great day. warmest regards, Gary Hunn, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

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