Music and booze.

Music and booze and tacos.

But mostly music.

And booze.

Above all, ninebullets.net is about (drinking) music; recorded music, live shows, music documentaries, musical news and the occasional reality television show or update/rant about my favorite sports team. While no genre is off limits, we tend to write about country, rock, blues, metal, folk, bluegrass and all the hyphenated subgenres that may fall under those labels.

ninebullets.net is not about trying to find the most creative way to tell you an album sucks. Pitchfork has the music-snark market cornered. While our writing may be bad sometimes, we, as a rule, feel no need write bad reviews. To put it simply, we do not listen to bad music, so why should we write about it? You can be assured that the music discussed on this site has been listened to and is held in high regard by the person discussing it. While we may not be covering the up-to-the-moment releases, we do not write reviews based upon hearing two tracks from a promo email. We would rather be thirty days behind the other blogs and writing about an album you could actually go to your local record store and buy tonight. That said, life isn’t always peaches and roses and sometimes a spade is spade. Should a band we like stumble, we do feel an obligation to let you know.

The music made available on this site is only available for 30 days after which it is deleted from the server. Please do not contact us asking us to repost some songs. we are a music site, not an .mp3 depot. If you are a label or an artist who wishes to have their files removed from the site contact us and they will be removed immediately. If you are a label or artist wishing to have your music reviewed on this site please submit a download link to: romeosidvicious@gmail.com

ninebullets.net is: RomeoSidVicious (owner/editor/writer), Autopsy IV (founder/writer), Marci Richter (writer), Charles Hale (writer), John Allman (writer), Mike Ostrov (writer), Rune Letrud (writer), Michelle Evans (writer), & The Wolf (writer), Hoss (writer)

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  1. Hey guys,

    just wanted to say thank you for your blog, and thanks for being the first in the world to listen to my new album. If I can be of any assistance with interviews or copies of the album, please don’t hesitate to let me know. have a great day. warmest regards, Gary Hunn, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.