One man. Scraggly hair. An old guitar that barely stays in tune. Goggles on his head. Another man behind a drum set made of brake drums, 5 gallon buckets, cracked cymbals and a washboard hanging from his neck. See them separately and you’re forming your “I can’t give you any money” excuse. See them together … Continue reading “HILLSTOMP – DARKER THE NIGHT”

Hillstomp – After Two but Before Five

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the genre that is the Blues is a genre that, while great when heard on studio recordings, is something that is best heard live. As the title of Hillstomp’s latest effort would suggest, it is also best heard after two but before five…in the morning, that … Continue reading “Hillstomp – After Two but Before Five”

Hillstomp – The Woman that Ended the World

Boogie Woogie Blues, like the term, is fun. Boogie Woogie. Shit, the term makes me smile. Say Boogie Woogie fast 5 times….now tell me you ain’t smilin’. If you do I’ma call you a damn liar. Boogie Woogie is fun to say. Boogie Woogie blues is fun to hear. Boogie Woogie blues make you hafta … Continue reading “Hillstomp – The Woman that Ended the World”

McDougall – Reaching for Some Light

McDougall is one of those guys who I’ve always liked and who’s hung out on the periphery of my regular rotation due to some reason or another. He’s one of those artists that I’ve really and truly enjoyed in smaller doses but never really inspired a binge of listening to an album over and over … Continue reading “McDougall – Reaching for Some Light”

Playlist – Ajax Diner Book Club 4/7/14 KRFC Ft. Collins

Facebook/Twitter/Show Archive Brown Bird “Thunder And Lightining” from Salt For Salt Hillstomp “Meet Me At The Bottom” from Portland, Ore Mike Watt &The Black Gang “30 Days In The Hole” Chuck Ragan “Gave My Heart Out” from Till Midnight Brittany Howard & Ruby Amanfu “When My Man Comes Home” from I Wonder Only Sons “Cutting Corners” from American Stranger Rum Drum Ramblers “Sure Sign” Scott H. Biram “When I … Continue reading “Playlist – Ajax Diner Book Club 4/7/14 KRFC Ft. Collins”


In lieu of the usual album cover at the top of this post I decided that the opening to “It Might Get Loud” was the only proper way to open this piece. Really, I could leave it at that video, post a few songs, some links and call this a win. But I think you … Continue reading “WHITE TRASH BLUES REVIVAL – NOW HONEY, NOW BABY, NOW LISTEN!”

Ajax Diner Book Club – 8-3-13 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

This weeks show kicks off with brand spankin’ new 4H Royalty and then things get down and dirty for awhile. I appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten from y’all and it helps me make better and better shows. I’ve thrown in something totally different this time and if you like it or hate it please let … Continue reading “Ajax Diner Book Club – 8-3-13 KRFC Ft. Collins CO”


With the new John Moreland (9b review) and the new Jason Isbell it’s been a week of monster releases and truth be told; amongst all the (deserved) press and gushing those two albums are gonna get, the debut from Brothers Of The Last Watch is bound to come and go with barely a notice. And … Continue reading “BROTHERS OF THE LAST WATCH – BROTHERS OF THE LAST WATCH”